Butterfleye lets you see and hear what's happening in your home when you are away.

Your home on your phone

Watch live video and view recordings from your Butterfleye on your smartphone.

Share & edit videos through app

Connect to other smart devices

Cordless & portable

Face & motion detection

'ActiveEye' Intelligence

Human detection

Butterfleye’s sophisticated motion detection and thermal sensors can tell a human from other types of moving objects.

Face detection

Butterfleye can detect faces. It can extract photos from the video and recommend photos for sharing to capture candid moments.

Remote Heat sensing

Butterfleye can sense rapid temperature changes and fire.

Location and Identity sensors

Butterfleye uses technologies such as iBeacon and WiFi to know when you are home. It gives you privacy when you are home and stays alert when you are away.

Two way audio

It records sound, and allows you to communicate through a speaker.

Camera features
Iphone alert

Access Butterfleye from your Smartphone

Enable alerts to bring important events or activity to your attention
Browse through hours of video in seconds
Share to social networks
Hear and speak through app
In app video editing

How does Butterfleye compare to other cameras?

Compare white active eye
Active Eye Technology
Compare full hd
1920 X 1080 Video
Compare no installation
No Installation
Compare smart home
Part of a Smart Home

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